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From Chairman’s deskChairman Message - rabita forum

Rabita Forum International had been formed on 5th May 2005 at Karachi for the aims and objects and the vision mentioned in this brochure. Immediate after, a seminar was organized on Israeli aggression and on 15th March 2006 a seminar was arranged on CLASH OF CIVILIZATION,  a burning topic of the time. The Intellectuals, Judges, Military, Civil and Religious scholars together with the politician participated.

In 2008, Rabita Forum International tried to improve the relations between Pakistan and India. Two seminars were organized that year.

In this seminar from India (1). Mr. Muhammad Saleem, Member Lok Saba India and Deputy Parliamentary Leader of Communist Party of India (Marxist), (2). Professor Abdur Raheem, Head of Mass Communication Department, Osmania University, Hyderabad Daccan, (3). Dr. Rahat Abrar from Aligardh Muslim University too part and from Pakistan (4). Senator Raza Rabbani (5). Pir Mazhar-ul-Haq, Minister of Education, Sindh (6). Ms. Shazia Maree, Minister of Information, Sindh and others gave their views.

On 27th November, 2008 this seminar was organized. From India four prominent Journalist participated, in spite that Mumbai was attacked on 26th November, 2008. The people of Karachi condemned the attack, impressing the Indian journalists, who then help to reduce the tension. Mr. Ahmed Saeed Malihabadi, Chief Editor Daily Azad Hind Kolkatta and Senator contributed several speeches in Raja Sabah, speaking his experience how people of Karachi were worried; he also wrote editorials in his daily newspaper. Mr. Aziz Burney, the Editor Daily Rashtaria Sahara, published from 11 India provinces, wrote 100 articles about this attack and so was done by Mr. Zahid Ali Khan, Editor Daily Siasat, Hyderabad to reduce the tension. Mr. Davesh Varmah of Sahara TV also shared positive views about Pak-Indian good relations.

Yes, Rabita Forum International did help in reducing the tension between Pakistan and India at a crucial period of time. This is a great service that this forum has done and we shall continue our efforts for the peace, harmony and betterment of this region and the mankind.

We organized a few more seminars
(1) “NO TO FMCT”
(2) FMCT-Problems & Prospects (Fissile Material cut of Treaty)
to express the point of view of the intellectuals of Pakistan that it is discriminatory and Pakistan  –     specific and Pakistan should not be pressed on this issue.
(3) Energy Security of Pakistan all sources including Nuclear one
to educate the society that nuclear energy is necessary to overcome Pakistan’s Energy crises and
(4) Pakistan’s Political Crisis in the World Scenario.

Rabia Forum International is pursing its aims and objects vigorously and with zeal.

We look forward for cooperation of the people of Pakistan, organizations and others in enhancing the positive activities.

Nusrat Mirza

Rabita Forum International

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