Events List


1. Pakistan Peaceful Nuclear Technology and Politics of Nuclear  Suppliers Groups(NSG)

2. Peace used of Nuclear Energy for mankind

3. Indian un-safeguarded Nuclear Program

4. Defense Day- Fateh-e-Mubeen

5. Security Challenges of Pakistan and way out

6. All Parties Round table Conference on Kashmir Atrocities

7. National Security of Paksitan Yome Taqbeer 2016

8. Maritime Potentials of Pakistan

9. China Pakistan Economic Corridor

10.September 1965 War Fateh-e-Mubeen

11. Impacts on Environmental hazards on Maritime life and security

12. Environmental Aspects of Pakistan

13. Pakistan’s Political Crisis in the World Scenario

14. Energy Security of Pakistan All sources including Nuclear one

15. FMCT – Problems & Prospects ( Fissile Material cut of Treaty)

16. NO TO FMCT (Fissile Material cut of Treaty)

17.  Role of Media in South Asian Politicis

18. Democracy and Peace … The Future of South Asia

19. The Emerging Challenges Clash of Civilizations

20.  Gaza – Israel Atrocities to Mankind A case of Crime against Humanity