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Nuclear Pakistan:Focus on Peaceful Use of Nuclear Energy for the Service of Mankind

Organized by Rabita Forum International Thursday  the 27th May, 2021 at Such TV Center


Nusrat Mirza: Chairman Rabita Forum international

Mr. R.K. Ansari: General Manager K2 & K3 Power Plants

Dr. Javed Iqbal: Institute of Space Technology Karachi University

Prof. Dr. Syeda Dawood:  Former IR Head Federal Urdu University Karachi

Brig.(R) Kararrar Hussain 

Zafar  Imam Advocate: Director Events RFI

Syed Samiul Allah: Member RFI

Message of Chairman Atomic Energy Commission Mr.  Muhammad Naeem

In a message to the participants of the seminar, the speakers and the viewers of the SuchTV and program SUCH BAAT, Mr. Muhammad Naeem Chairman Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission said that the day of May 28, 1998 is a landmark in the history of Pakistan when minimum deterrence was achieved by Pakistan. The Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission though was involved in the civil nuclear program since 1960 but after 1974 Pakistan had to achieve the minimum deterrence and then again focused its activities towards civil nuclear program for the betterment of mankind.

Now, the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission is providing 2,530MW electricity to the national grid through 6 nuclear power plants.  The latest one is K2 which provides 1100MW electricity and by the end of 2021 K3 will be ready to provide 1100MW electricity to the national grid, while Chashma-V with the capacity of 1100MW is in pipeline. In the health sector the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission has 18 cancer hospitals; 6 in Punjab, 5 in Sindh, 5 in KPK, 1 in Baluchistan and 1 in Islamabad. In addition one cancer hospital will be functional in Gilgit Baltistan in a period of three months. In agricultural sector there are four research centers which are functioning; 1 in Sindh, 2 in Punjab and one in KPK.

Heavy Mechanical Complex III (HMC-III), NCNDT and NILOP are providing great support in all Hi-Tech projects of Pakistan. In education Pakistan has PIEAS which is a world renowned engineering institute and is serving to provide skilled engineers and others are CHESCENT and KINPOE which provides operational training to run nuclear power plants.

Message of  Allama Iftikhar Hussain Naqvi Sahib

Allama Iftikhar Hussain Naqvi former member Islamic Ideological Council said that May 28, 1998 is a historical day from defense point of view when Pakistan became the 7th nuclear power of the world.

This has provided deterrence, smashing Indian hegemonic designs pertaining to South Asia. He appreciated the civil and the military leadership and the scientist in their role in achieving nuclear defense deterrence. It is time to stand united to neutralize the designs of the enemy and to resolve Kashmir issue.

Nusrat Mirza: Chairman Rabita Forum International

Nusrat Mirza in his opening speech said that Muslims after a long time of 500 years achieved the latest technology of deterrence. Though, Pakistan far ahead in peaceful use of atomic energy and working since 1 late 50’s but after 1971 debacle of East Pakistan and immediate after India detonated Atomic Bomb in Pokhran near Pakistan Border to threat West Pakistan’s security, Pakistan under leadership of Mr.  Z. A. Bhutto then Prime Minister of Pakistan decided to go for atomic Bomb. With the entry of Dr. A.Q.Khan, Pakistan became nuclear power in 1984 but its demonstration was made on 28th May 1998  by detonating five bombs in Chaagi and later one in Kharan in Blochistan Province.

This was befitting reply to India. After obtaining Minimum Deterrence, Pakistan again started work on peaceful use of nuclear energy in Power, Agriculture, Health and Education.

 To become Nuclear Power was a Must to keep Pakistan Independent and free from unnecessary pressure Indian uncultured and irresponsible nuclear country.  Its atomic program is unsafe and world is worried about its irresponsible attitude. Pakistan work on peaceful use of nuclear Energy has been highly appreciated by the world and especially IAEA ( International Atomic Energy Agency) .

Mr. R.K Ansari

Mr. Ansari in his speech said Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) has been trying to meet the energy requirement of Pakistan. Now, six Nuclear Power Plants are working in Pakistan producing 2530 Megawatt electricity. In addition to this, PAEC is working in the fields of Education, Health and Agriculture.

PIAS is world renowned University of Education in the field of Engineering and 18 Cancer Hospital are functioning: 6 in Punjab, 5 in Sindh, 5 in KPK, 1 in Baluchistan, 1 in Islamabad and One in GB shall start its operation soon. Furthermore, PAEC is working in high technological activities making Isotopes and Ventilators to meet the challenge of covid-19. Heavy Mechanical Complex 3and others are the institutions are taking part to make Pakistan a modern state.

Soon Pakistan shall work on Chashma 5 to produce  1100 megawatt so will be Muzaffar Gardh  M1 and M2.Each will be of the capacity 1100 megawatt production of electricity.

Brig. ® Karrar Hussain said that Modi’s dream of greater shall never be materialized.

Dr. Javed Iqbal of Karachi University said KU is planning to manufacture launching pad for satellite.Prof. Dr. Syeda Dawood said to become atomic power is a big achievement but Economics should also be strong to make Pakistan independent, confident, free from world pressures and bullying from world powers.



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