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Rabita Forum International Organized a seminar titled Security of Pakistan: Sacrifices of Civilians and Armed Forces

at Regent Plaza on 25th September 2018

In this seminar, Lt. General(R) Moinuddin Haider, Vice Admiral(R) Asif Humayun. Commodore (R) Syed Obaidullah, Professor Adnan Farooqi, Muhammad Ayaz, Waleed A. Khattak and Chairman Rabita Forum International Mr. Nusrat Mirza shed light on the significance of 1965 war, while paying respect to the soldiers of Pakistan Armed Forces. The seminar was attended by Professors, lawyers, journalists and people from other disciplines of life including students from Karachi University among other universities.  Milli Naqmat also sung which was appreciated very much by the audience.

Lt. General(R) Moinuddin Haider

General (R) Moinuddin Haider highlighted that the armed forces of Pakistan have been offering sacrifices since the partition. He pointed out that before the 1965 war there was 1948 war then 1971, next was Kargil war and after that there has been the war on terror. He pointed out that Pakistan is faced with a number of problems right now including, water crises among others. He was of the view that Human Resource of Pakistan needs to developed and good governance needs to established in Pakistan. He highlighted the fact now the war is not restricted till the battlefield instead it has been infiltrated our homes as a part of hybrid war and need to be prepared for it.

Nusrat Mirza

Mr. Mirza highlighted the fact that in 1965 Indian arrogance was humbled as Pakistan defeated their objectives. He pointed out that it was due to the efforts of our armed forces that Indian aggression was uprooted at Chowinda and it is their effort which has kept India in check for quite some time now:

Vice Admiral (R) Asif Humayun

He highlighted the fact that the armed forces have given many sacrifices for the country and will do so whenever required. Further he stated that there is a need to stand together today much like we did in 1965 to survive. He stated clearly that Pakistan needs to stand with the people of Kashmir. 

Commodore (R) Obaidullah

 He reiterated that no country in the world can face aggression without civilian support. In 1965, both armed forces and the people of Pakistan stood together against Indian aggression which resulted in the defeat of an enemy four times larger than us. In 1965, pointed out, that we had domination in air and sea as was evident from the destruction of Dwarka.

Professor Adnan Farooqui

Indian Generals were under the illusion that Pakistan would be captured easily; however, this was not the case as the armed forces had the support of their people. He pointed out the need for advancements in cyber security as is required in this cyber age.

Other speakers included Waleed A Khattak and Muhammad Ayaz.



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