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Forum International Seminar on USA-INDIA NEXUS AND ITS IMPLICATIONS ON PAKISTAN ON May 12 2018 at Regent Plaza Hotel Karachi.

A Seminar was organized by Rabita Forum International on above subject and above stated date. Gen.(r) Moinudin Haider was the Chief Guest and Mr. Nusrat Mirza Chairman Rabita Forum international presided. The speakers were Ambassador ® Agha Zafar Hilali, Vice Admiral Asaf Humayun, Prof. Dr. Huma Baqai, Ambassador® Syed Hasan Habib.

Gen. Moinuddin Haider in his speech said Pakistan cannot do everything America desires us to do. Pakistan has given a clear message to USA in this connection. We are used to the sanctions of American and least bother about it. Pakistan has sacrificed 80,000 lives and billions of dollars collateral damage to protect America while America has betrayed us always. After 9/11, American Foreign Minister Gen. Collin Powel used to say now and then that USA will be strategic friend of Pakistan for next 50 years. After achieving what wanted to achieve, America left us and leaned toward India. American used to say Modi as Killer, but now he is their favorite boy. He was invited to USA and given an opportunity to address the joint session of parliament. The American congressman praised Modi what he has done.

Agha Zafar Hilali speaking as a keynote speaker said that USA is providing arms to India to use against Pakistan. America itself would like to target our nuclear assets but for sure, it would not succeed. USA tried to destroy our social fabrics but failed. India can try to become as powerful as it can but resultant value will be its failure as Pakistan cannot accept hegemony and will respond as necessary. Pakistan helped USA but every time it betrayed us but we survived. This is the time that America tastes the failure again like Vietnam and other places. We should, however, improve our political situation even if fifth generation war has started against us.

Prof. Dr. Huma Baqai in her speech said that USA has adopted India specific policy instead of Asia Pacific one. In pursuit of this policy America is trying to make India more powerful with hegemonic design. American policy has drawn a war line in south Asian region. India has been trapped by American. In any case, Pakistan cannot accept Indian hegemony. China is building six corridors but America is against our China Pakistan Economic corridor.

Vice Admiral Asaf Humayun pointed that providing sophisticated weapons America is helping India to become most powerful country, the target being Pakistan but we are capable of handling India much better that America considers. USA will look towards us again as they are caught in Afghan’s deadly war but this time we may not be able to help.

Ambassador® Hasan Habib said that USA and Pakistan have hate and love relation. But with time we have reduced the dependency on America and find out other friend like China and we are also trying to be friend of Russia. Come what may, we are not going to accept the hegemony of India.

Mr. Nusrat Mirza in his speech said that India cannot gain hegemony with the sophisticated weapons of USA. American Defense minister Chuck Haigel visited India on 8 August 2014 and offered India; Super computer, Reconnaissance system, Hawk 21 air defense system, tank destroyer, Electro-magnetic run way on a small ship to land even a bigger fighter aircraft etc. Even that will not work to fulfill INDIAN HEGEMONIC DESIGN. Indian may remain in a state of deceit of America. Anyhow, Pakistan is fully prepared to meet any eventuality.

Mr. Zafar Imam welcomed the audience and Ms. Bismah Mirza conducted the proceedings. A large numbers of professors, Doctors, Advocates and students attended the seminar.

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