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Pakistan Navy defending its maritime borders in effective manner

Vice Admiral Arifullah Hussaini Commander, Pakistan Navy Fleet, Vice Admiral Arifullah Hussaini has stated that, God has blessed us with immense oceanic resources.
Fourteen hundred years ago the importance and benefits of oceans were mentioned in the Holy Quran.
Today 90% of the international trade depends upon oceanic and sea routes. Our country’s business and trade is also transacted mainly through maritime means. We should utilize our oceans and seas for national economic benefits.
Pakistan Navy is defending its maritime borders most effectively. Our resources are limited; nevertheless we have ensured the security of our coastal areas. Our navy enjoys the respect of other nations because of its professionalism.
Vice Admiral said this while addressing the seminar organized by the Rabita Forum International.
The topic of this seminar was, Pakistan a country rich in maritime resources. Those who expressed their views at this function included Commander Pakistan Navy Fleet, Vice Admiral Asif Humayon (Hilal-e-Imtiaz), Commodore (Retd.) Syed Obaidullah, Commander (Retd.) Adil Rashid and the Chairman of Rabita Forum International, Nusrat Mirza. The Welcome Address was given by the Executive Director of the Forum, Zafar Imam, Advocate.
The seminar commenced with a recitation from the Holy Quran, after which Razi Alam, Advocate, thanked the guests, teachers and students and stated that the aim of the seminar is to acquaint the younger generation about the maritime boundaries and their importance for the motherland.
Vice Admiral (Retd.) Asif Humayon, while addressing the gathering stated that the area of Pakistan’s maritime is about 2 lacs & ninety thousand square kilometers and this area has been blessed with immeasurable natural resources. Now it is up to us as to how much benefit we gain from them.
We must utilize the latest technology and techniques to achieve maximum progress in this field. Commodore (Retd.) Syed Obaidullah expressed his view that Pakistan’s Navy is as good as any other navy of the world. Nature has bestowed upon us excellent coastal areas. In fact, 48 countries of the world today are totally without a coastline! So, we must make optimum use of our natural advantage as best as we can.
Former Director of the Port Qasim Authority, Commander (Retd.) Adil Rashid, who also spoke, informed the audience that 90% of international trade is transacted via oceans and seas. We must gain maximum benefits from our rich, natural maritime resources.
At the conclusion of the seminar, the Chairman of Rabita Forum International, Nusrat Mirza, said that the objective of this seminar was to inform the students about the country’s coastal boundaries and the resources available to us within the maritime borders.
He said, that he will request the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Muhammad Nawaz Sharif that articles about the maritime areas of the country should be part of the school syllabus also. Nusrat Mirza thanked the teachers and the students and the honorable guests who attended the seminar and promised that the Rabita International Forum will organize further seminars on this subject in the future also.



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