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Roundtable Conference Organized by Rabita Forum International On 13th January 2018 American Threat & Solidarity with Pakistan

A roundtable conference was organized by Rabita Forum international on American Threat & Stability of Pakistan and discussed the whole situation by Intellectuals, businessmen, Media personnel, ex-servicemen of armed forces, Lawyers, diplomats and all walks of life.

Those who spoke were Syed Nasir Hussain shah Minister of Information and Labor, Lt. Gen.(R) Moinuddin Haider, Air Marshal® Riazuddin Shaikh, Nusrat Mirza, Prof. Farid Ahmad Dayo Vice president Supreme Bar Association, Haider Imam Rizvi President Karachi Bar Association, Vice Admiral ®Asaf Humayoon, Dr. Huma Baqai IBA, Dr. Shaida wiazarat Director Research IOBM, Ahmad Khan Malik President Karachi Press Club, Yasin Azad Former President Supreme Bar, Prof. Seema Naaz Siddiqi Urdu University, Commodore ® Syed Obaidullah and other   They unanimously resolved:

  1. That we the representatives of civil society of Pakistan, in the capacity of professors, businessmen, lawyers, members of the media, Intellectuals, ex-service men, and from all walks of life gathered on 13th January 2018 at local hotel Karachi in a roundtable conference strongly condemn the American Trump Administration’s undiplomatic, threating attitude and ungratefulness towards Pakistan’s sacrifices to make America single super Power in 1989 and then helping in the war of terror after 9/11.
  2. This conference pays rich tributes to Pakistan’s armed forces Law enforcing agencies including civilians who have given precious lives and properties to achieve the honor for Pakistan being the only country of the world that has defeated terrorism and Hybrid war imposed upon it by the foreign powers.
  3. This gathering of intellectuals considers that America is blaming Pakistan to cover up its failure in Afghanistan. Pakistan has done so much for USA led war on terror that no other country has done against terrorism. There is no safe haven of any terrorist organization in Pakistan.
  4. This roundtable conference representing the feelings of the people of Pakistan express that Pakistan has done enough and it is the time that America does more. We are not prepared to fight or favor to an ungrateful country, ungraceful Trump administration of USA, which earlier was a secular and liberal country turning to a racist one.
  5. This assembly of peace loving people of Pakistan demands that America should stop Pakistan bashing and should openly accept Pakistan’s sacrifices of lives, property and collateral damages and should pay due respect and compensation.
  6. This conference demands USA and its administration should also stop creating war like situation in the world. It should also stop supporting India and terrorists who are doing acts of terrorism to increase the sufferings of the people of Pakistan, trying to destabilize Pakistan from safe havens of Afghanistan under shelter of USA, Afghanistan and India.
  7. This conference strongly demands peace loving people of the world should warn India the consequences of interference and doing numerous acts of terrorism in Pakistan and also violation of Line of Control.
  8. This conference does understand that America is one of the super powers, the determination of people of Pakistan, however, is to protect the sovereignty and solidarity of Pakistan in any eventuality at any cost.
  9. This conference reached to this conclusion that USA is in the hands of irresponsible administration which lacks credentials for world peace, respect sovereignty of other countries and moral values.
  10. This conference thankful to China, Turkey Iran and Russia for supporting Pakistan’s position and accepted our sacrifices in       the war of terrorism and have asked Trump Administration to recognize the Pakistan’s services to mankind.
  11. This conference appeals to the world and to the people of United States of America to contain Donald Trump to save the golden future of the world.
  12. In case of further bullying Pakistan by America, the American access to land and space should be stopped.


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