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Rabita Forum Organized a Seminar on Security Concerns of Pakistan and Way OUT

On the 20th December 2017   – At Regent Plaza Hotel, Karachi
 Deteriorating condition of economic is an alarming for the national security: Lt. Gen. (R) Moinuddin Haider
 We will reply with full strength, If America attacks: Nusrat Mirza
 Pakistan Navy is ready to protect its maritime limits and naval bases: Vice Admiral ®Asif Humayun
 US not cooperating with Pakistan regarding F-16 planes and other defense tools: Najmuddin Shaikh
 To depend on other countries is dangerous for country’s security, stability: Prof. Dr Seema Naz
A seminar was held on the subject of ‘’Security Concerns of Pakistan and Way Out” in Karachi at a local hotel under the auspices of ‘’Rabita Forum International” on December 20, 2017. The Seminar was presided over by the Ambassador ® Najmuddin  Shaikh (former Secretary Foreign Affairs of Pakistan)

Addressing the Seminar, the Chief Guest, former Governor of Sindh Lt Gen ® Moinuddin opined that safety and security of any country does not depend only to make stronger its defensive power. There are also very important roles of some other factors in this connection. Pakistan is a strong country, in view of its defensive capability, we are atomic power, ready to face any possible aggression by our traditional opponent. We should make ourselves stronger in economic along with making our defensive power indissoluble. We should get rid of foreign loans and proceed towards achieving self-dependency. We must achieve political stability and solidarity. If we succeed in accountability of corrupt political group, our economic situation will become better. Corruption is also dangerous for security.  Moreover, we should overcome the crisis of power too. Though, the present government has taken some better steps in this regard but still our industry is facing shortage of power. If the industry will shut down due to power crisis then unemployment will rise, for this reason anxiety and crime will grow in the society. Likewise, there is also water crisis, we are agriculture country and agriculture depends on water. We built two big dams but after building these two dams we did not give attention towards this side again. Today we are crucially facing the shortfall of water by all means. It is necessary to create harmony and like-mindedness among the various classes of society to achieve national security. We will have to be only Pakistani and should become above all feelings of sects and other kinds of nationalist thinking such as Sindhi, Punjabi, Pathan, Balochi and Muhajir. So in this way the solutions of our problem will be possible as well as we can give counterblast to our foes.

The Chairman of the Rabita Forum International, Nusrat Mirza said during his speech that just after establishment of Pakistan security concerns were started and these are continue till today. In different occasions we counteracted and retaliated this but we are still being targeted due to CPEC.

He informed that in a function during a discussion with an American, the American said that both America and Pakistan benefited in Afghanistan war, we became Super-power and you achieved atomic power. Now American President had given a threat-like statement a few days ago that we can start surgical strike against terrorists. The new American administration had already said before election that power can be smashed but it is difficult to eliminate ideology. Now we will take step against ideology. Surgical strike can be carried on through robot forces and from military bases against Pakistan. America has made nine military bases in Afghanistan. Trump had said in America’s Senate that if Pakistan will not cooperate then it will have to suffer. Replying the American he said this is a sort of pressurizing, but we will counterblast of American step if taken against Pakistan. We have already achieved the second-strike capability. The US Foreign Minister Rex W. Tillerson had said on December 12 in Kabul that we will target the terrorist Pakistan and just after this the terrorist attack of Quetta was occurred. Our enemy is preparing themselves against us, in this situation we will have to vigilant by all means. Political stability is inevitable. The corrupt group of the country is also an alarming element against our security and solidarity. If there is corruption, there is feeling of differences among various classes of society which will pave the way to grow. It will also create restlessness and concerns in the society. Our courts are doing justice, it is a good sign. Let the enemy to conspiracy as much as can, we will continue to counter and foil them. The seminar was participated by journalists, lawyers, students of Karachi, Wafaqi Urdu, NED universities along with the people of various walks of life. On this occasion, Vice Admiral ®Asif Humayun stated that the security and solidarity of country depends on different fields and departments. I am related to Navy and I will talk to you with reference to Navy.  The maritime security has importance in every era. At present the 90 percent of business in the world is being done through sea. The 50 percent of world trade is passing through the Indian Ocean. Keeping in view the importance of Indian Ocean various countries are making strong their navies. Due to CPEC, it has become more significant. America considers the both Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean one ocean.  Moreover, owing to China South sea tension is growing amongst big powers. Our arch rival India is making stronger her naval power. Keeping in view the changes which are occurring in regional and global levels Pakistan Navy is extending its naval power capability. Enemy is extensively busy in conspiracy against us. Kulbhoshan Sudhir Yadhav was not sitting there only for arranging terrorism but he had also for some other condemnable designs. In these days, piracy, smuggling, human trafficking also comes under the security concerns. The pirates of Somalia had created problems in this connection but Chile, Brazil, Japan, China, India, Pakistan and Arabian states collectively controlled over this menace in 2013. The naval trading ships were unsafeguarded. Moreover, terrorism is also dangerous for maritime security and safety. ISIS batches from Somalia and Yemen can try to enter in the Indian Ocean. Cyber-crimes are also an issue as it had hacked data of Aramco of Saudi Arabia in 2012, for this reason its system was collapsed. There is a big part of Aramco in the world oil trade, American Merchant Navy had to meet an incident and suffered big loss. The American researchers working in this regard as it may have probably any connection with Cyber-crimes. Moreover, climate change is also a big problem,we should safeguard our maritime boundary. There is 35.4 percent of whole population of the world inhabits in this region while it has only 10 percent GDP of the whole world. There is major part of this 10 pc GDP is of Saudi Arabia and other countries. After 17th century China is leading important role in it. The Silk Road  will pass through 60 countries and these countries have 40 percent GDP of the whole world. China is thriving trade with all countries of the world. In 17th century the Admiral of Chinese Navy was a Muslim. Iran had invited our Minister of Port and Shipping in the opening ceremony of Chahbhar. Japan and India collectively are desirous to build Silk Road in the Continent of Africa. India is afraid of CPEC plan, Vice Admiral ®Asif Humayun concluded.

          The President of seminar Najmuddin Shaikh said in his address that the security of Pakistan depends on both internal and external levels. We can act important role in this region with the co-operation of those countries which are our friends. In view of relation with America sometimes its attitude becomes iciness and apathy, but it will not break, it is in the interest of the both states to continue it. Though every now and then America threatens us, in spite of this we are the need of America. America has stopped providing us with the spare part of F-16 plane and instruments of harpoon missile but we achieved the replacement of these. Our dependence on America is being lessened day by day. Prof Dr Seema Naz Siddiqi in her speech opined that since the very inception of Pakistan enemy is engage in conspiracy against this country. India from the east did not let us live in calm, likewise in the west on Afghanistan’s long border belt which is impassable due to rocky-path,  the perfect arrangement of security could not be done,  although Pak army is working in this connection. Terrorism is also an alarm for the safety and solidarity of the country. The terrorist groups of Taliban and Daish (ISIS) from Afghanistan are entering our country for terrorist attacks. America is also threatening us in different ways. The extremists and ISIS both collectively want to target Pakistan. Moreover, the concerns of natural disasters also exist and we should give attention towards this menace. Political solidarity, strong economic and harmony among the various classes of the society is inevitable to deal with these issues. To depend completely on other countries is also dangerous for the country’s security and stability. We could not proceed toward self-reliance even after passing 70 years of freedom.  We will have to achieve self-reliance in economic too. After the addresses of speakers of the Seminar the question-answer session was also held.

In nuclear strategy, a secondstrike capability is a country’s assured ability to respond to a nuclear attack with powerful nuclear retaliation against the attacker.



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