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All Parties Roundtable Conference on Kashmir Atrocities

A TV talk Show and Seminar All Parties Kashmir Conference 10 January, 2019: at Such TV Studio

Chief Guest:  Allama Iftekhar Hussain Naqvi

Member Islami Nazryati Council / Member Roet Hilal Committee

Presided by : Nusrat Mirza

10th January2019

Rabita Forum International organized an All Parties Roundtable Conference on 10th January 2019 to condemn the atrocities committed by Indian Forces on innocent and unnamed people of Kashmir. In these conference, prominent leaders participated were Among them were:

Allama Syed Iftikhar Hussain Naqvi member Islamic Nazaiati Council Chief Guest

Maqsood Zaman (PTI)

Khawaja Tarique Nazir (PML N)

Allama Abdul Khaliq Faridi

Ali Rashid Milli Muslim League

Zahid Askari (JI)

Sardar Nazakat Ali (PPP)

Dr. Miraj-ul-Huda Siddiqi (JI)

Haji Hanif Tayab Nizame (Mustafa Party)

Qari Muhammad Usman (JUI-F)

Allama Abbas Kumaili (Jaferia Alliance)

Mirza Yousuf Hussain and others

Mr. Nusrat Mirza – Presided

The conference unanimously resolved that:


This conference of political Leaders, intellectuals, journalists and Advocates fully support the cause of Kashmir’s Liberation Movement as it is legal and according to the Charter of United Nations. They condemned the atrocities committed by Indian forces in occupied Kashmir on helpless and unarmed civilians. The conference condemned the creation of War like situation by India after is not in the interest of mankind and the people of Pakistan and India as both countries are nuclear armed.

The Conference demanded that India being irresponsible country should not be allowed to be the member of Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG).

The conference appealed to all human rights organizations to come to the rescue of innocent Kashmiris who are brutality killed and injured by Indian forces with lethal arms.

The struggle of people of Kashmir has shown their solidarity with Pakistan. Hence, this conference considers that Indian held Kashmir is now the part of Pakistan.

The Conference adopted a resolution that India should allow the journalists of the world and human rights Organization to visit Kashmir to know the facts and tyranny of Indian forces.

The Conference condemns the new doctrine of India to use the lethal force to suppress the freedom movement of Kashmir and demanded that the world should take notice of it. UNO and world should pressurize India to stop crime against human being.

The Conference demanded to call for an urgent OIC meeting immediately

The Conference also demanded a parliamentary meeting to consider the Kashmir atrocities and use of Force against unarmed people of Pakistan.

The conference demanded that different committees be formed from all walks of life and send them to important capitals of the world to intimate their counterparts about the sufferings of the people of Kashmir.



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