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Pakistan’s Economic and Security Challenges and Way Out

13 February 2019 at Hotel Regent Plaza, Karachi

Interaction Report

Gen. (R) Ehsan-Ul-Haq, Nusrat Mirza Chairman, Air Comd. (R) Jamal Husain,Prof. Dr. Tanveer Khalid, Prof. Dr. Uzma Shujaat, Prof. Dr. Shahida wizarat, Prof. Dr. Shaeshta Tabassum, Prof. Dr. Riaz A Shaikh,  Amb.  Najmuddin Shaikh,Prof. Seema Siddque,Dr. Mahboob Muqaddam, Dr. Shujaat Hussain, Zafar Imam Advocate, Amb. Hassan Habib

Karachi. Addressing a seminar in which academia of Karachi present, General (R)  Ehsan ul Haq ‘Former Chairman Joint staff Committee (CJCSC) said that Pakistan is most resilient Country which has been accepted by the world now.

He further elaborated that Pakistan faced numerous challenges but neutralized them. Pakistan is looking for investment which is coming and only Saudi Arabia may invest 32 billion dollars in Pakistan when Crown Prince visits Pakistan.

He was expressing his views in a seminar organized on Pakistan’s Economic & Security Challenges of Pakistan and way out by Rabita Forum international in a local hotel where Deans and professors together with large number of Students were present.

The other speakers were Prof. Dr. Riaz A. Shaikh dean social Sciences SZabist, Professor Dr. Shahida Wizarat Dean Economic IOBM, Prof. Dr. Shaeshta Tabassum Chairperson International Relation Department, Prof. Dr. Tanweer Khalid Chairperson Preston University, Former Secretary Foreign Affairs Najmuddin Shaikh,  Prof. Seema Naz Siddiqi  Federal Urdu University, Prof. Dr. Uzama Shujaat Institute of European studies, Air Commodore (R)  Jamal Hussain, Nusrat Mirza, Chairman, Rabita Forum International, Dr. Shujaat Hussain Ilma University, Prof. Ambassador Habib Hasan IOBM, Zafar Imam Advocate and other spoke on the occasion. 

Nusrat Mirza said Pakistan is prepared to meet any challenge that come across Pakistan. Ambassador Najmuddin sheikh was of the opinion that peace in Afghanistan is necessary for the peace of the region.

Dr. Tanwee Khalid considered that Asia Pacific is epic centre of trade and politics, Dr. Shahida Wiazarat was worried that seed may genetically change to destroy agriculture. Dr. Riaz Shaikh discussed the contradictions control of the country to be saved with any eventuality.

Dr. Shaeshta Tabassum expressed concern over the increasing challenges due to CPEC. In response to all question raised General Ehsan replied Pakistan is one of the most secure Food countries.

House has to be brought in order and good governance should have to be our priority. What we learned from China that they controlled all contradiction with governance and they always advise to keep good relation with all countries including USA.

Pakistan is not isolated but in the epic centre of opportunities. India may loose due to tyranny it is thrusting up on Kashmiri people. The students of universities of Karachi were present in large number and asked critical questions which replied to their satisfaction.

Dinner hosted by Rabita Forum International

at Marriott Hotel on 13 Feb. 2019

Picture shows (Left to Right), Prof. Dr. Shahida Wizarat, Prof. Dr. Tanveer Khalid, Prof. Dr. Shaeshta Tabassum, Nusrat Mirza, General Ehsan-ul-Haq, Former Chief of Joint  Staff Committee, Lt. Gen. (R) Moin Uddin Haider, Zafar Imam Advocate, Col. Imran, Syed Raziuddin, Air commodore(r) Jamal Husain.

Lunch hosted by Nusrat Mirza, Chairman, Rabita Forum International to Editors of Karachi Daily Newspapers

Picture show (Left to Right), Zainul Abedin, Such TV, Saeed Khawar, Editor “92 News”, Abrar Bakhteiar Editor Daily Ausaf, Maqsood Yousufi Editor Nae Baat, host, Muzaffar Ejaz Editor Jasarat, Ahmad Husain Editor Daily Dunya on 20 Feb. 2019 at Chandni Restaurant Pearl Continental Hotel, Karachi.



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