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Pakistan: Multiple challenges and way forward

Roundtable Conference on Yom e Pakistan

Wednesday the 20th March 2019 at Regent Plaza Hotel Karachi

Chief Guest: Gen. ® Moinuddin Haider Former Governor Sindh

Speakers: Nusrat Mirza,  Vice Admiral Asaf Humayun, Commodore Obaidullah, Ambassador® Hassan Habib, Prof. Sema Naaz Siddiqi, Prof. Dr. Uzma Shujaat,  Zafar Imam Advocate, Syed Samiullah

General Moinuddin Haider emphasized that if we have the will we can resolve all the problems.  25 million children could go to school.

 Mr. Nusrat Mirza said that we have security challenges and the challenges for lack of facilities for our people. There is inflation, water, energy and other problems. Regarding Defense Security, Pakistan has robust defense. Even in conventional warfare Pakistan has defeated India in seven fronts: Air, Army, Navy, Cyber, diplomatic, Media and Hybrid war by organizing Pakistan Super League Cricket matches.

 Commodore Obaidullah said that the question raised by FATF are important   and we have respond to them.

Vice Admiral ®  Asaf Humayun was of the opinion that all problems can be solved we become sincere. Ambassador® Hasan Habib said we are facing all sorts of Indian Conspires and have so far successfully neutralized them.

Prof. Dr. Uzma Shujaat has pointed that Pakistan has to face environmental and Food security Problems.

Prof. Seema Naaz Siddiqi considered that higher education is the solution of all our problems. The seminar was attended by the students and professors of different universities.



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