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Conference 0n 74th Independence Day “ Stable Strategic Pakistan: Opportunities and Challenges”

Wednesday 12th  August  2020, At SUCH TV Center Karachi

Participated by:

  1. Mian Abdul Majid – Chancellor Textile University Karachi & President Nazaria e Pakistan Foundation Sindh
  2. Dr. Muhammad Ali Shaikh – Vice Chancellor Sindh Madarsatul Islam University Karachi
  3. Vice Admiral® Arifullah Hussaini
  4. Mr. Waqar But advisor – Strategic Plans Division
  5. Prof. Dr. Riaz Shaikh – Dean of Social Sciences Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto University Karachi
  6. Prof. Dr. Tanweer Khalid – Chairperson Political Science department Preston University
  7. Prof. Dr. Shaesta Tabassum – Former Chairperson International Department Karachi University
  8. Prof. Seema Naaz Siddiqi – Chairperson Geological Department Federal Urdu University
  9. Prof. Hasan Habib – Institute of Business Management (IOBM) University IR Department
  10. Prof. Dr. Zahid Ali Zahidi – Professor Department of Islimiat Karachi University
  11. Dr. Kamran Ali Khan – Anchor person and Professor
  12. Nusrat Mirza – Chairman Rabita Forum International and Anchor person Such TV

All the speakers emphasized the importance and necessity of the independence of Pakistan as the will of the Muslims of India and paid rich tribute to the wisdom of Quide Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah that “Two Nation Theory” proved to be true when India is adopting the Hindutwa religion in India against the original basis of secularism and socialism. The minority Hindu in power would like to impose over 25 crore Muslims, 4 crore Sikhs and majority low class Hindu (dalits) to whom about 20 lacs Brahamins consider to be less than human beings. These Brahamin class is ruling India with ruthless power and tyranny. They are treating all non Hindu to be non-Indians with the perception that only Hindu religion people have the right to live in India. This has changed the very basis of existence of India. This was perceived by Quide Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah that Hindus are after Hindu State. So Pakistan’s creation was the demand of time was perfectly right. It reflected ambitions of Muslims of India to emerge as a great power once again. So it has have been achieved.  Thanks to Allah.

Speakers on this occasion narrated the story of Pakistan with different angles.

Mr. Nusrat Mirza in his opening speech said that Pakistan is now a responsible Nuclear Power and its Defense in conventional warfare is robust. Pakistan can face any challenge. Pakistan’s armed force is the only force of the world that has controlled and defeated hybrid war imposed by the enemy. Pakistan has achieved full spectrum of defense systems; the cyber, missile defense and tactical war head together with multiple independently re-entry vehicle (MIRV) Ababeel etc.

Mian Abdul Majid Said at the time of independence Pakistan has no resources; only couple of factories. Now by the grace of Allah we have enough.

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ali Shaikh said that in 1947, we had only two universities and now we have two hundred.

Mr. Waqar But said Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission has served the humanity and it has maintained standards in Education, progressed in generation electric power, developed new seeds in agriculture and 18 cancer hospitals are at the service of the people of Pakistan. PAEC has kept its team at high standard matching to the world.

Dr. Riaz Shaikh said that there is no space for experiment in political system.

Dr. Tanweer Khalid was of the view that we could not practice the political system as per the spirit of democracy.

Ambassador and Professor Hasan Habib paid rich tribute to founder of Pakistan that he was a charismatic personality and fair and law abiding person to be followed by all the people of Pakistan.

Dr. Zahid Ali Zahidi was optimistic that youth has the capability to face the challenges of the present world.

Dr. Kamran Ali considered that during political struggle spiritual help was also there in creation of Pakistan.

Professor Seema Naaz Siddiqi emphasized that Quide Azam was man of Principle and would like the rule of Law.

The Seminar was shown on Such tv on 14th August 2020 from 10 PM to 11.50 PM



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