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Seminar on the Occasion of Youm-e-Takbeer 28th May 2020

A seminar was organized by Rabita Forum International on 28th May 2020 at Karachi. Those who spoke on this occasion were Vice Admiral® Asaf Humayum Chief Guest, Mr. Waqar Murtuza Butt Advisor to SPD, Brig. Haris Nawaz Defense Analyst, Dr. Sajida Perveen Educationist and Nusrat Mirza Chairman Rabita Forum international.

All the speakers felt proud that their country is a nuclear power and were grateful to Allah that Pakistan has been with such a sophisticated weapon that kept the enemy of Pakistan and the enemies of Allah nervous and that Pakistan has become safer than before. The enemy has so far deterred and could not attack Pakistan in spite of its intentions.

Mr. Nusrat Mirza in his opening remarks said that today is the historical day when Pakistan became worlds’ seventh Nuclear Power state and First Muslim Nuclear Country after a long pause in lagging behind in technology since 1671 when explosive devices were used in a war against Muslims.  Now Pakistan is equipped with all necessary weapons that have deterred India not to fulfill its ulterior motive to gain supremacy over Pakistan.

Pakistan has all elements to address any ill design of enemy; May it be conventional warfare or nuclear one and or second strike capability. Further, Indian analysts believe that Pakistan has upper hand in Hybrid war or symmetric war. India’s Cold Start Doctrine or Proactive Strategic Initiative (PSI) were dumped by Pakistan’s tactical warheads. Pakistan’s missile accuracy is exemplary.

Pakistan became Nuclear in response to India which acquired this status in 1974 and demonstrated its nuclear power on 11th May 1998 and Pakistan did exploded 5 nuclear devices on 28th May 1998 at Chaggi Balochistan and sixth one on 30thMay 1998 at Kharan in spite of pressures from the west and USA not to detonate the nuclear device. But the resolve of the nation was so strong that Pakistan did not care the pressure. The credit goes to Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Dr. A.Q. Khan, Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) and government of Pakistan whose Prime Minister was Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif.

Mr. Waqar Murza Butt explained how PAEC devotedly contributed in the detonation and then serving the mankind using Nuclear Energy.  PAEC emphasized in getting expertise in running Nuclear Power Plants. After detonation of Nuclear bombs sanctions were imposed by the world but PAEC kept running the only nuclear power of KANUPP at Karachi. Further, PAEC gave importance to provide qualified scientists by sending many Engineers, Physics Masters and other fields of science. Then attention was given in getting the PAEC’s Scientists training of nuclear program. Now PAEC has been running six powers plants by its experts without the help of other country’s experts. Our expertise has been recognized throughout the world. In addition to Education and Energy PAEC has obtained skill in agriculture and in health fields. Four Agriculture research centers are helping the farmers and 18 cancer hospitals are providing relief to the people of Pakistan and no patient has been denied treatment if he or she could not afford the cost of treatment.

Vice Admiral ® Asaf Hmayun has mentioned when 22 years before Pakistan detonated Five Atomic devices in Chaggi,  the enemy was frightened. This detonation was made with the slogan of Allah is Great. Pakistan detonation was the response of the enemy.                  

Now we have the 1st, second strike capability. It is the time to make Pakistan strong by adopting the principles of Quide Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah; Unity, Faith and Discipline.

Brig.(R) Haris Nawaz in his speech narrated the history how Pakistan came into being and that the enemy was bent upon to harass us. In 1965, we defeated the enemy and then it started storing the sophisticated weapons. Except1971, Pakistan has given India befitting response and even 2019 its two planes were shot down and pilot was arrested.                              

He gave tribute to our scientists and experts that made Pakistan invincible.

Dr. Sajida Perveen was impressed by the work of our scientists and was of the view that PAEC work should be taught in school and colleges. She has shown interest in getting the book Nashter e Johere Tehqeeq to include in the syllabus of school and college students.   



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