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Kashmir Conference

A conference was organized by Rabita Forum International on Kashmir issue with the  collaboration of Such TV on 31st January 2020. In this conference, the intellectuals and the Chancellor Textile University Mian Abdul Majid and Vice Chancellor of Federal Urdu University Prof. Dr. Arif Zubair, participated especially.

Among other participants were:

 Prof.Dr. Tanweer Khalid Head of Political Science Department Preston University,  Prof. Mamnoon Ahmad Khan Chairman IR Department Federal Urdu University, Vice Admiral® Asaf Humayun, Ambassador ® Hasan Habib,  Dr. Mahbbob Muqadam professor Political Science Department Karachi University, Dr. Rizwana Jabeen IR Department Urdu University, Dr. Faisal Javed  Prof. IR Urdu University,  Asadulah Bhutto Naib Amir Jamate Islami, Halim Khan Ghori JUP, Sardar Nazakat Ali PPP, Major( R) Syed Qamar Abbas MQM F, Allama Abdul Khaliq Faridi  Muttahida Deeni Mahaz,  Molana Muhammad Hussain Masoodi Vice Presiden Jafaria Alliance, Babur Mustafai Anjuman Tulba Islam, Rabita Forums International Chairman Nusrat Mirza and Zafar Imam Advocate and others.

 Following Resolutions were passed unanimously:

This conference of Intellectuals of Pakistan, Vice Chancellors, Professors, Admirals, Ambassadors and Leaders unanimously resolved that:

Following Resolutions were passed unanimously:

This conference of Intellectuals of Pakistan. Vice Chancellors, professors, Admirals, Ambassadors and Leaders unanimously resolved that

  1. All the participants of the conference fully support the freedom movement of Kashmir as it is as per United Nations Charter and eleven UNO Resolutions and several bilateral agreements.
  2. This conference strongly condemns the atrocities committed by the Indian Occupied Forces to the people of Kashmir who are under curfew since last 180 days as per the date of this conference. India has broken all international treaties and bilateral agreements that allow Pakistan and the world to support the people of occupied Kashmir materially, politically and diplomatically.  Therefore, this conference appeals to Pakistan and world leader to help the people of Kashmir with all kind of support and help.
  3. This conference strongly condemns the massacre doctrine adopted by Indian Government of Modi against Kashmiri people and Muslims of India. Modi has been promoting War hysteria which will destroy the peace of the world. War Hysteria of Modi has been strongly condemned.
  4.  This conference show solidarity with the government of Pakistan and its armed force to show that Pakistanis are united and ready to give befitting response in case India does mistake to impose war on Pakistan. Both Countries are Nuclear and the consequences will be disastrous.
  5. This conference considers that India is an irresponsible state; therefore it should not be given Nuclear Suppliers Group’s Membership.
  6. This conference is grateful to those countries which have supported the just Cause of Kashmir Freedom.
  7. The conference appeals to the UNO, OIC and world countries to pressurize India to lift the curfew and ban on internet and social media and communication facilities.
  8. The Conference appeals that the delegations of journalists and international observers to visit Kashmir and let them report the actual status of the situation after six months.
  9. This conference is of the view that 180 days Curfew in occupied Kashmir is equivalent of plebiscite as all Kashmires  are in favor of joining Pakistan and India has kept 800,000 people in a big prison.
  10. This conference demand to release all the arrested Kashmir Leaders.
  11. The participants of the Conference warned India not to develop Water aggression that will also lead to severe war as it will be a matter of survival.
  12. The conference demands that Pakistan should adopt Carpet diplomacy by sending the delegations of all walks of life to important world capitals to high light the atrocities of India in occupied Kashmir and to emphasize and convince that the curfew of 180 days in Kashmir is tantamount to plebiscite in favor of Pakistan.
  13. This conference demands that United Nations Organization should imposes travel sanctions on Modi because of his crimes to mankind
  14. UNO should impose sanction against India as it has become  an apartheid state

This conference demands that Pakistan should take members of Kashmir committee on merit.



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