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Seerat Conference organized by Rabita Forum International In collaboration of SuchTv on Friday 08th November 2019

 Islam is complete code of Life

Sub Topics:


Defense System, Strategic Defense System, Political System, Economical System, Social System, Administrative System, Reformative System, Judicial System, Family System, Moral System, Financial system, Foreign Policy, Universal Message and Prophets’ Ideal Good    

Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) introduced the method of military success through Treaty of Hudaibiya (Admiral(r) Syed Arifullah Hussiani)

Defeat of Abraha’s army of elephants through Ababeel outlines the strategic policy of Islam (Nusrat Mirza)

Islam preached to run the state through Divine principles of politics (Dr. Tanveer Khalid)

By sending his ambassadors to Africa and other places, Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) outlined the principles of Diplomacy (Syed Hussain Habib)

Prophet Muhammad’s (Pbuh) practices help us to understand the principles of Islam (Dr. Mohsin Naqvi)

Islam has strict principles to determine the election of head of state; head count is not important (Dr. Zahid Ali Zahidi)

Islam emphasizes the important of distribution of wealth (Commander Muhammad Zakir)

Admiral(r) Syed Arifullah Hussiani- Defense System

Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) preached peace by prevalence of justice. He taught his followers to raise voice against injustice and induced discipline by establishing the system of Namaz (Prayers). By way of abiding the principles of Islam we can establish the state of Madina. Quran highlights military principles and establishes that prayer (dua) needs to be backed by action. Treaty of Hudaibiya served as a conquest as it was a silent strike to break the unity of the enemy and serves as a great example for us today.

Nusrat Mirza- Strategic Defense System

Islam highlights strategic policy in many ways, the defeat of Abraha’s elephant army by way of Ababeel points towards the effective use of strategic weapons and it is no coincidence that the towers of mosques resemble the shape of a missile. The incident of Karbala and the sacrifice of Imam Hussain (r.a.) provides a new perspective to the defensive policy of Islam.

Prof. Dr. Tanveer Khalid- Political System

Islam emphasizes the use of a political system to organize the state. Not everything is to be imposed by use of force but greatest emphasis is on the system of consensus (of intellectuals). Sometimes the sword must be used and other times it must be avoided. In Islam the supreme governance is of Allah

Syed Hussain Habib- Foreign Policy

Islam places great emphasis on diplomacy. Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) sent delegations to various countries and honoured the terms of contract in the most trying times, placing great emphasis on diplomacy.

Dr. Mohsin Naqvi

Islam preached the concept of peace and prosperity. It is a complete system covering every facet of life from economy to social dealings everything is covered.

Dr. Zahid Ali Zahidi

Islam talks about changing the system and changing leadership. Islam is the system formed on the principles of Allah. It places emphasis on the importance of intellectuals and not on headcount.

Commander Muhammad Zakir

Islam preaches distribution of wealth. System of economy as highlighted in Islam is completely in balance. Socialism had a higher role of the government while capitalism is completely focussed on wealth and its acquisition. Islam commands Muslims to spread on earth in search of employment. Anything which is in excess of one’s needs should be spent in the way of Allah. Accumulation of wealth results in restrictions such as Zaka’at. Basic needs of housing, hospitalization, clothing, food are the responsibilities of the state in Islam. Business by means of deceit and theft is unlawful and interest is strictly prohibited. Gambling, prostitution as business and drug business are considered as serious vices.

Allama Abdul Khaliq Fareedi

Islam emphasizes the importance of family structure before the structure of society for the family is the building block of a society. In it a mother has the utmost respect and it is obligatory to respect her. Similarly it is obligatory to respect the father and to serve him obediently.

Mufti Muhammad Zahid Aslam Rizvi

Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) emphasized the need for a systematic approach. He created the first school for Learning Quran, Sunnah and hadith to facilitate those who sought education. In today’s modern world the practices and moral values of the Prophet (Pbuh) provide complete solution to all our problems

Dr. Sajida Parveen

Islam preaches a system of social well-being through the concepts of charity and Zaka’at

Dr. Miraj ul Huda Siddiqui

Islam promotes a just and fair system. The decision of the stolen reigns of Hazrat Ali’s (r.a) horse went in the favour of the Jew who had bought the stolen reigns and against Ali (r.a)  and this impressed the Jew into accepting Islam. Pakistan’s system, unfortunately is not fair or just and this is has created serious problems



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