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Kashmir Flash Point of Strategic Tension

Rabita Forum International Organized a Seminar in collaboration with University of Sind-Jamshoro

Wednesday  the 2nd  October 2019, at Shaikh Ayaz Auditorium, University of Sindh – Jamshoro

Prof. Dr. Fateh Muhammad Burfat, Prof. Dr. Tanweer Kahlid, Mr. Nusrat Mirza,

Dr. Sumera Umrani, Dr. Imran Ali Sandano spoke the Seminar

Prof. Dr. Fate Muhammad Burfat:  The flame of Kashmir is dangerous for whole world.

Mr. Nusrat Mirza:  The war Heads are in place, army, Navy, Air Force and strategic Forces are ready for surprise response to India.

Prof. Dr. Tanweer Khalid: The speech of Prime Minister of Pakistan in UNO general Assembly has made Kashmir issue international flash point.  

Dr. Sumera Umrani: UNO has passed 11 Resolution for the solution of Kashmir issue.

Dr. Imran Ali Sandano: Modi Government has been involved in state Terrorism    in Kashmir.

Saqlain Shah: The sacrifices of Kashmires shall lead to freedom of Kashmir.


Prof. Dr. Fateh Muhammad Burfat          

(Vice Chancellor University of Sindh )

Prof. Dr. Fateh Muhammad Burfat Vice Chancellor of University while speaking as the Chief Guest described the difference between freedom movement and revolt. But the issue of Kashmir is the unfinished agenda of participation of India. All states were given rights to join either to Pakistan or India. Kashmir Maharaja joined India on condition but the majority of Kashmir’s population did not accept the decision and struggled for freedom. The Indian army is committing the worst form of sponsored terrorism against the people of Kashmir. Kashmiri people are not attacking Bombay, Delhi, Calcutta or any other city of India but they are only resisting the illegal occupation of India. Modi is waging a war on the Kashmiri people after abolishing the special status of Kashmir.

 As a result, Kashmir has become the flashpoint of a nuclear war putting the whole world in danger. Not a single conflict has ever been resolved through war as depicted by the outcomes World War I, World War II, Vietnam war and Iraq war. All these conflicts were resolved on the negotiation table. Even the Afghan issue is being resolved through dialogue. India would do better to learn from these historical lessons and accept the negotiation offer from Prime Minister of Pakistan to resolve this matter.


Prof. Dr. Tanveer Khalid

(Center for Policy and Area Studies )

Kashmir issue should have been resolved in 1947 in light partition doctrine. Not doing so, resulted in the Indo-Pak wars of 1948, 1965, 1971 and 1999. In addition India has been violating the Water treaty of 1961 constantly. Now the abrogation of article 370 and 35a of Indian constitution by Modi government, which provided Kashmir special status, has created a situation of war risking the subcontinent. Pakistan is committed to upholding regional peace but not at the cost of Indian hegemony. India is developing a Hindutva doctrine considering Hindus as a superior nation which again is dangerous for the region.


Mr. Nusrat Mirza

(Chairman Rabita Forum International)

This earth has witnessed much bloodshed in wars and otherwise. In 19th Century the Europe was the theatre of War and Millions of people were killed. Then the mankind has also witnessed the first and second world war. Those were climax of the death tolls. In First World War about 17 Million were killed. In second war 50 to 55 Million people died.  Hitler killed about 10 million people; joseph Stalin  from 1920 to 1953 killed about 20 million people.  Out of them 14 Million were killed due to food shortage, Mussolini killed 400,000 people; some thousand people were killed in Ethiopian war. After 1945, some order was in placed but then there was Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and other wars. The order is due to Nuclear War catastrophe. As we know the horror of Hiroshima and Nagasaki that has horrified the world and the nuclear Powers avoid direct war. Now new Hilter is born and is in power in India and openly talking about nuclear war not knowing its effects which are so terrifying that cannot be explained in words. India has kept 80 lacs Kashmiri people in a cage surrounded by 10 lacs of Indian Army. India has no accepted Pakistan since its very creation. In 1971 it played major in separating East Pakistan and then detonation of Atomic Bomb in 1974 to frighten Pakistan. When Pakistan became Nuclear power, it initiated cold start doctrine which was neutralized by Pakistan by developing tactical War Heads. Pakistan and India could leave peacefully but India an aggressor put forward new Doctrine Strategic initiative again to attack Pakistan. Further, on 5th August 2019 it has abrogated article 35 A and 370 of Indian constitution and imposed Curfew on the people of Kashmir, to test Pakistan’s patience. The world is silent and busy in making money. UNO is unable to implement its own resolution. So UNO is dead. Pakistan has to show its resolve in liberation of occupied Pakistan and provide relief to the people of Kashmir. The nuclear war is horrible and whole mankind shall come to an end. Let the world should tell us what Pakistan has to do to save itself and the world  from new Hitler of India Narenden Modi and how to restore the rights of Kashmir. Pakistan’s war Heads are in place, army, Navy, Air Force and strategic Forces are ready for surprise response to India if any eventuality arises.     

Dr. Sumeira Umrani (University of Sindh)

Despite 11 resolutions being passed through UN Security Council on the matter of Kasmir, UNO has failed to resolve the Kashmir issue. By the abrogation of article of 370 and 35a and constant violation of LoC India seeks to force Pakistan into an Atomic war which will upset the world peace.


Dr. Imran Ali Sandano (University of Sindh)

If a state subjugates its own people then the resultant struggle isn’t terrorism but a fight for freedom and attempting to suppress such a struggle is an act of terrorism which is what Modi government is doing against the people of Kashmir. Increase in Indian atrocities against Kashmiri people will fuel the struggle for freedom. UNO should take notice of this and should move to have its resolutions implemented.


Mr. Saqlain Shah (University of Sindh)

MOdi government will not be able to illegally occupy Kashmir for long, despite its brutal suppression of Kashmiri people. Kashmir is the incomplete agenda of Sub-continent’s partition. Resistance of Kashmiri people against Indian suppression is proof that Kashmir will one day become part of Pakistan.



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