An all Parties Conference was organized by Rabita Forum International in collaboration with SuchTV on 5th September 2019 on the occasion of Defense day.

The Event was attended by Muslim League N, Jamate Islami, Nizame Mustafa Party, Tehrik e Insaf, Karachi Press club, Karachi Bar Association, Nazaria e Pakistan Foundation Sindh and Others.

Those who spoke were Mian Abdul Majid Nazaia e Pakistan Foundation

Naeem Qureshi President Karachi Bar Association

Imtiaz Khan Faran President Karachi Press Club

Haji Hanif Tayyab Nizame Mustafa party

Nusrat Mirza Rabita Forum International

Haji Muzafar Shajra Pakistan Tehrike Insaf

Nasiruddin Mahmood PML N

Younus Barai amate Islami

Molana Abdul Khaliq Afridi

Zafar Imam Advocate Rabita Forum International

And Others

The conference unanimously resolved that

1.     The people of Pakistan and all the parties show complete solidarity with the people of Kashmir and demand that issue of Kashmir be resolved through plebiscite as per UN Resolution and the occupation of India be ended Kashmir immediately.

2.     India has chosen the path of Nazism and Fascist rule that led to Second World War.  Indian Prime Minister has decided to go against peace and chosen the way of war and destruction.

   Eight Million Kashmiries have been made captive through curfew, the world should take the notice of this inhuman action of Indian government.

3.     India has abolished the clause 35 A and 370 in its constitution that gives special status and rights to the people of Indian held Kashmir. Those rights and that status should be retored.

4.     This conference appeals to the world countries to help the people of Kashmir, materially, politically, diplomatically and morally as India has departed from the UN charter, UN Security Councils Resolutions and all bilateral agreements.

5.     This conference rejects any move of India to change the demography of Kashmir in any way

6.     This conference rejects any move of American role in Kashmir for mediation as USA is a bias country and helping India in different ways by supplying sophisticated arms and would like to create hurdle in China Pakistan Economic Corridor.

7.     This conference condemns the terrorist Hindu Organization RSS which is involved in the massacre of Muslim and Christians and appeal to peace loving people of the world to help the people of Kashmir

8.     This conference appeals to the world community to compel India to lift the Curfew in Indian held Kashmir.

9.     This conference considers that imposing Curfew over people of Kashmir is tantamount as plebiscite that Kashmir has given verdict to join Pakistan.

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