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Operation Swift Retort 27th February 2022 Pakistan’s Quid Pro Quo Plus Response Against India Organized by Rabita Forum International Wednesday, 23rd February 2022

Rabita Forum International organized a Seminar to memorize the commendable Success of Pakistan on 27th February 2019. The participant speakers were Nusrat Mirza, Prof. Dr, Tawer Khalid,  Vice Admiral ® Asaf Humayun,  Air Commodore  ® Jamal Hussain,  Ambassador Hasan Habib and other. A large number of Students  also participated.

February 27, 2019, our falcons taught a  lessons to the enemy, Nusrat Mirza

Indian negative propaganda against Pakistan is terrorism itself, Prof. Dr. Tanveer Khalid

Hindutwa Hijab controversy is one of the examples of death of civilized Indian culture, Vice Admiral ® Asaf Humayun

Our Airforce strategy of setting targets showed enemy its place, Air commodore ® Jamal Hussain

To defeat India’s negative propaganda against Pakistan, Pakistani media should play its part by running a strong media campaign, former Ambassador Hasan Habib

By uniting ourselves we can defeat the enemy, Samiullah

Surely, war is no solution but we should prepare ourselves to teach a lesson to a belligerent & arrogant enemy, Ahmed Faizan

Karachi: Rabita Forum International (RFI) organized a seminar to pay tribute to the heroes of Mission Swift Retort 2019. The seminar was attended by Nusrat Mirza, Chairman of Rabita Forum International & senior journalist along with Prof. Dr. Tanveer Khalid, Vice Admiral ® Asaf Humayun, Air commodore ® Jamal Hussain, Ambassador Hasan Habib, Former Badminton Champion, Ahmed Faizan & asipiring scholar Samiullah.

Mr. Nusrat Mirza Chairman Rabita Forum International while addressing the seminar said,

February 27, 2019  will be remebered by the Indians as on this world saw the professionalism of Pakistani Airforce. Pakistani Airforce shot down 2 Indian fighter planes and captured one pilot while a helicopter crashed due to the miscommunication between Indian pilots. Indian premier provided a lame reason, due to dark clouds, Indian jets could not detect Pakistani jet, despite the fact radar can see through clouds.  It is a pity that Indian nation become victim of false indian propaganda against Pakistan despite searching for facts. Indian nation has been ensalved for 800 years and its media & generals  try to overcome their cowardice through false negative propaganda. February 27, is a day which makes the entire nation very proud.

Prof. Dr. Tanveer Khalid:  Professor Khalid expressed that India’s false and negative propaganda against Pakistan is also terrorism. It’s repeated actions of isolating pakistan in International Community and every now and then instigating against Pakistan should be termed as Terrorism. There is no standardized definition of terrorism and every country defines terrorism in its own context. According to UN any country who forsee a threat from another country has a right to defend itself by taking action in advance. However it doesnot mean false staff operations such as Pulwama should be staged. What is happening in Kashmir it is not hidden from anyone and India is underpressure due to the sane voices coming within India and from  Kashmir to shun voilence.

Vice Admiral ® Asaf Huamyon

Vice Admiral Asaf Humayoon recited Iqbals poetry:

Hawa-E-Bayaban Se Hoti Hai Kari Jawan Mard Ki Zarbat-e-Ghaziyana

The wind of the desert is what gives

The stroke of the brave youth fighting in battle its effect.

Pakistani falcons, once again proved their hegmony over Indian forces on February 27, 2019. BJP has won the election 2019 on Pakistan bashing and it has set all its three forces on high alert. The proof of which is that, on March 4, Indian submarine was detected by Pakistani submarine in Pakistan’s Gawader & Pani region. On November 14, 2016, KalBhushan Yadav was captured, on November 16, 2021 another submarine was detected and we are waiting for another such mis-calculation from India.

We need to be vigilant and keep a close eye on India especially just before elections, we are witnessing hijab controversy in India. Despite hijab is no unique phenomena in India, many hindu women also does it.

He ended again with Iqbal’s prose:

UqabiRrooh Jab BedarHoti Ha Jawano Main

Nazar AatiHha Un Ko Apni Manzil Aasmano Main

Air Commodore ® Jamal Hussain: We need to take in to account the incidents before Balakot operation, Indian forces incurred heavy losses in Pulwama Attack and Indian forces claimed they have done a surgical strike in Pakistan despite the fact that indian commanders lost their lives. On December 2018, our Air Chief, in a meeting asked all us (senior officials) what should be our strategy if India attack us. All of us shared our strategies.  Regarding Indians claim our premier had already warned them on February 26, 2019 that in case of any adventure our response will come as a surprised to them. Indian strategy against us was good, it is not in our training to ridicule or take the enemy lightly and this is the reason our strategy was better.

Former Ambassador Hassan Habib: India could not prove what it claimed or proposed to the International Community and this is theri failure. According to Louisiana Base, their Radar could not detect any building being targeted in Balakot. Lousiana base is an international commerical dictation organization. An american Journalist who very often criticise pakistan also stated in a seminar in India, India did not shoot down any of Paksitan’s F-16. According to him we need to unite in all fronts to counter India’s negative propaganda against Pakistan

Former Badminton Champion Ahmed Faizan: India media was claiming that it has killed Pakistan’s 350 terrorist through a surgical strike which was proved wrong by the International Media. On the contrary, Pakistani pilot locked six targets and deliberately dropped the bombs near the targets (among one such target was Indian Air Chief) to give them the idea what Pakistani forces are cabable of doing.

Samiullah an aspiring young Scholar: Due to Pakistan Airforce’s professional capabilities, this day has become a pride for us. We need to learn lessons from this incident especially in the light of Quran which ask us to prepare our horses.



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