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All Parties Round table Conference on Kashmir Atrocities

On Tuesday, 27th September, 2016, at “Regent Plaza”, Karachi.


1. Mr. Nusrat Mirza 2. Mr. Mir Nawaz Khan Marwat 3. Mr. Habib Junedi 4. Prof. Khuwaja Tariq Nazir 5. Mr. Younus Buneri
6. Mr. Qazi Ahmed Noorani 7. Dr. Mairaj-ud-Huda  8. Mr. Zafar Imam Advocate 9. Mr. Sardar Maqsood Zaman

Khawaja Tariq Nazir Muslim League N, Habib Junedi Pakistan People Party, Dewan Sachal PTI, Dr. Merajul Hoda Jamate Islami, Younus Buneri National Awami Party, Alhaj Rafi Nizame Mustafa Party, Qazi Ahmad Noornani JUP, Muhammad Halim Khan Ghori JUP, Zafar Imam Advocate Rabita Forum Interntional Senior Leader Mir Nawaz Khan Marwat, President Sindh High Court Bar Council Khalid Javed Advocate and others . Among Kashmiri Leaders, Sardar Nazakat PPP, Sardar Maqsooduzzaman PTI, Abdul Rashid Dar Muslim Conference and others. Dr. Zubairrur Rahman, Mahmood Alam Khalid, Usman, Afsar Imam and other Columnists.

The conference unanimously resolved that; This conference of political Leaders, intellectuals, Journalists and Advocates fully supported the cause of Kashmir’s Liberation Movement as it is legal and according to the Charter of United Nations. They Condemned the atrocities committed by Indian forces in occupied Kashmir on helpless and unarmed civilians. The conference condemned the creation of War like situation by India after Uri attack which is not in the interest of mankind and the people of Pakistan and India as both countries are nuclear armed. The Conference demanded that India being irresponsible country should not be allowed to be the member of Nuclear Supplier’s group (NSG).
The conference appealed to all human right organizations to come to the rescue of innocent Kashmiries who are brutality killed and injured by Indian forces with lethal arms. Eighty five days of struggle of people of Kashmir has shown the solidarity with Pakistan and hence this conference considers that Indian held Kashmir is now the part of Pakistan. The Conference adopted a resolution that India should allow the journalists of the world and human rights Organizations to visit Kashmir to know the facts and tyranny of Indian forces. The conference also demanded the formation of a Neutral commission to find the causes of Uri attack.



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